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        ATR-321 Rutile titanium dioxide for plastics

          Product characteristics: ATR-321 is a rutile titanium dioxide specially designed and manufactured for high-end applications such as solar cell white adhesive film, fiber, decorative film, modified plastic, etc. With stable blue background phase and dispersity, ultra-high achromatic power and whiteness, excellent processing performance and thermal stability, etc., with crystal integrity, high reflectivity, excellent weather resistance, customizability and other characteristics, it is the preferred titanium dioxide powder for high-end demand such as new energy materials and new process materials.

          Application fields: solar cell white adhesive film, fiber, decorative film, modified plastic, high concentration color masterbatch, engineering plastic, plastic color matching

          Product standard: Q/ANDJS 010-2022

          Package specification: 25kg/bag, 40 bags/tray; 1000kg/bag, 1 bag/tray; Other specifications can be customized

          Main technical analysis indexes of ATR-321:


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