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        ATR-318 Plastic and Masterbatch Grade Titanium Dioxide

          Product features: ATR-318 is a rutile titanium dioxide product treated with the surface treatment of inorganic substances such as aluminum and hydrophobic silicone. It is characterized by excellent dispersion, weather resistance and hiding power. Therefore, it is suitable for plastic products such as high-concentration masterbatch and engineering plastics.

          Application Areas: masterbatch, modified plastics, engineering plastics and PVC sheets.

          Product Standard: Q/ANDJS 005-2017

          Packing Specification: 25KG paper-plastic valve bag

          Main technical analysis indexes of ATR-318

          TIO2 Content (%) ≥97.00

          Rutile Crystal Content ≥98.00

          CIEL* ≥98.30

          Oil Absorption g/100g 16-18

          Water Extracted pH 7.0-8.5

          C45μm Residues (%) ≤0.01

          Water Extracted Resistivity (??m) ≥80

          Inorganic treatment Aluminum

          Organic treatment Yes

          Note:*Tested by datacolor 800V

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